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Link To Social Media 

Strengthen your brand’s identity by linking search to social media

Effective integration with social media sites is key in an effective digital media strategy. A Facebook “like”, or a review of one of your products on Twitter or your company blog should lead to your website and enable easy localization of the product. But this often proves difficult to achieve, as people tend to use more emotive language on social media as compared to an online store's product description.

The tweet shown below reads “Happiness in your windowsill”, and in fact, people tend to remember emotive lines like these better than fact-based information. So, while they might not be lines from the product description, they are powerful tools that can help brand and sell your products.

The connector framework built into Sitecore Search Solution enables you to integrate content from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more into your web store’s search functionality. With such content enriching your own online presence, you will find yourself in a much stronger position to amplify your message and build your brand identity across channels.

Once up and running, the connector framework enables your website developers or content editors to maintain content matches with a minimum of effort, and with no need for IT specialists.