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  • SSS search module for Sitecore

Align Functionality With Strategy 

Easily align search functionality with your sales strategy

Sitecore Search Solution is easy to install and can be integrated by a website developer or a content editor. Changes take effect immediately, with no need for data reloading, testing, or server rebooting.

With just a few clicks in the browser-based administration module, you can dynamically manage what your customers see when they search your website. The plug-in allows you to align search engine results on your site with your company’s new sales strategy, special promotions, brick and mortar activities, and can significantly reduce time-to-market for new campaigns.

All of this is done via a set of easy-to-use tools:

EASILY CONFIGURABLE FACETS Quickly define and order the facets (attribute boxes) that your customers use to filter products. For example, you might choose one set of product attributes for LEGO products (category, brand, and price) and another for children’s costumes (type, size, and price).

ADVANCED RANKING MODELS If you would like to promote products with high profit margins, paid sponsorship and/or high stock availability, this tool does the job. Simply add these three sales parameters to the ranking model, and it will determine the exact order in which your products will appear on the results list.

PRIORITIZED SEARCH RESULTS lets you decide which products will appear at the top of a customer’s search results list.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONS This tool allows you to promote products that are related to a search, either in a separate promotion box, or as part of the search results themselves. For example, when selling roller blades, you might also want to promote your safety gear.

SEARCH REDIRECTS TO BRAND STORES If you would like to improve brand awareness, you might want to show some of your products (LEGO, Clinique, Nike, etc.) in the context of their own brand stores, each with its own unique look and feel.

KEYWORD MATCHING You can match the way your visitors use language with the language used on your site. For example, visitors searching for “mineral water” could be shown “sparkling water”, or vice versa.

REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS When certain products are no longer in stock, you can direct visitors to replacement products, instead.

COMPETITIVE PRODUCT MATCHING If a visitor types a competitor’s model number or name into the search field on your site, you can display equivalent products.