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  • SSS search module for Sitecore

Improve Search Experience 

Improve the search experience that you provide

Advanced search offers several business critical benefits. Firstly, effective searches can accelerate the sales process. A faster sales process will increase conversions, as customers will be able to find the products they are looking for more easily. Furthermore, fast, precise, and successful searches improve your customers’ overall satisfaction with your site, and increase its perceived reliability.

Sitecore Search Solution qualifies your customers search through the following:

FACETTED SEARCH helps customers narrow their search through a managed dialogue that involves filtering by category, price, color, availability and other attributes, and by asking questions based on data, such as data from your CRM system (Sitecore WXM), for example. 

TYPE AHEAD suggests queries as soon as visitors start typing. For example, if a visitor types LEGO, the search field will provide a long list of options, such as LEGO Atlantis, LEGO Basic, LEGO Friends, LEGO City, and so on. You can decide if you want to include prices and a BUY button.

DYNAMIC RICH MEDIA TYPE AHEAD suggests search results with rich media elements that can include suggested product shots, prices, the address of a local retail outlet, and other support options.

DID-YOU-MEAN generates spelling corrections, and highlights bestselling brands and products. 

TARGETED OFFERS presents offers related to the visitor’s query terms, either in separate promotion boxes, or as part of the search results. For example, a summer campaign might appear at the top of the page when the visitor types “summer” or “picnic”.

Each of these features reduces the number of clicks required for a customer to find relevant information and products. Just imagine how that will improve your online store's conversion rates, and increase basket size!