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Sitecore Search Solution is widely used by leading international companies. In some cases, our clients have also made use of our integration service, which has lead to solid relationships and valuable contributions to the development of Sitecore Search Solution. We are committed to further strengthening our relationship with our clients and the industry, and we look forward to working with you.

Below, you'll find a selection of some of our clients, spanning diverse industries.

ToysRUS logo Alpha Solutions Sitecore Site of the Year award 268

Toys'R'Us is one of several brands operated by TOPTOY, a company focused on toy, clothing and baby products retail. The company runs 1680 stores, generates appx. $14 billion yearly and generally has a strong online focus.   Toys'R'Us has utilized Sitecore Search Solution for optimization of search functionalities, such as Facetted Search, Targetted Offers and Type Ahead. Furthermore, Sitecore Search Solution allows Toys'R'Us the flexibility of quickly and easily adapting to the necessities of promotion and seasonally based campaigns.   In 2011 Toys'R'Us was awarded Sitecore Site Of The Year in Denmark for their solution built on Sitecore Search Solution.   

Bayern Auto Group

Bayern AutoGroup is a group of companies in the Northern European automotive industry, involved in import of Jaguar, Land Rover and Hyundai, as well as a retailer of brands as BMW and Mini.  Bayern AutoGroup operates multiple websites which has benefited greatly from Sitecore Search Solution. The systems tracks user preferences and displays relevant results across websites, making Bayern AutoGroup increasingly relevant - even across websites the users never know are related.  Facetted Search has been dramatically improved with the implementation of Sitecore Search Solution and is believed to be the number one factor in auto website search. 

Sitecore Search Solution Clients Dlink 268 logo is a designer, developer and manufacturer of networking solutions for both business and consumer markets, selling mainly through retailers, resellers and distributors. The complexity of D-Link products are above market average, which necessitates a thorough product guide easily obtainable for both seller and end user. Sitecore Search Solution has helped D-Link organize and present large amounts of information. D-Link understands the importance of online presence to help customers obtain both pre and post-sale information, thus buying more, making more informed decisions and minimizing the support needs - resulting in happier customers.

Tarius 265 logo case Sitecore Search Solution

Tarius is a provider of global regulatory information to members in the pharmeceutical industry association. Tarius is a spin off from "Schultz Information", a website that facilitates legal information across languages and regulations from +300.000 documents to +500 websites. Tarius has implemented Sitecore Search Solution to obtain the most logical and smooth flow of information, not only for the end user but also for sorting and handling internally. Sitecore Search Solution now allows Tarius to handle big data in ways that save them large amounts of man hours, and makes it possible to provide and present content in new ways. Tarius has realized that it is not only about how much information you have in your system, it is about how you present it and make it available. 

StylePit 265 logo Sitecore Search Solution operates a number of websites in the clothing industry besides the main domain. Brands as SmartGuy, SmartGirl and SmartKids are all operated with a shared warehouse for stocks, making the number of items in the database larger than most online retailers in the industry. Sitecore Search Solution has helped improve their search functionalities across their website portfolio. An active search function was implemented, which completes a more precise search for every choice the customer makes, and in that way delivering the best search result from the +10.000 items in the search engine. is currently implementing Sitecore Search Solution on a number of their sites to achieve the same benefits across the portfolio.

Mott case Sitecore Search Solution 265 logo

The Mott Foundation is a private, grantmaking organization based in Flint, Michigan, United States. Founded in 1926, the Mott Foundation has funded a large number of projects for the benefit of the community, varying from poverty, education, science, growth projects and youth initiatives of various types. The organization has grown for almost 80 years, and the website is today the primary source of information. With Sitecore Search Solution the Mott Foundation has achieved a more structured overview of all projects and processes, allowing more people to find the relevant information, benefit from the foundation and for more initiatives to be completed. For the Mott Foundation, information is the key, and Sitecore Search Solution has helped them facilitate it.